About UN complaint

We report Sweden for violations of human rights

KG Hammar, Silvana Imam, Suzanne Osten and Anders Wijkman are some of the famous Swedes who are now reporting Sweden to the UN for human rights violations. Through the Keep Sweden together campaign, they demand an immediate solution for Sweden’s unaccompanied young people.

After years of protests from thousands of Swedish private individuals as well as international human rights organizations, we are now turning to the UN to focus on Sweden’s inhumane treatment of unaccompanied young people.

The border police chase young war refugees all the way into schools and private homes for locking up in the Migration Board’s detention, despite the fact that no crimes have been committed. After that, forced deportations to war-torn countries such as Afghanistan, contrary to recommendations from, among others, the UN, the Red Cross and Amnesty International, await.

Sweden is now a country that people are forced to flee from. Instead of Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s ”My Europe builds no walls”, Minister of Justice and Migration Morgan Johansson (SocDem) alternately talks about tougher measures against crime, and about Sweden’s successful forced deportations to ”safe” Afghanistan.

The processing of their asylum applications showed glaring shortcomings such as:

  • The ”temporary” law that was applied retroactively and snatched away the protection grounds that applied when the young people came to Sweden in 2015.
  • Lack of legal certainty in the asylum process
  • Lack of interpretation of the country information for the countries to which the deportations take place
  • Arbitrary age revaluations
  • Unscientific medical age assessments
  • unacceptable delays in their asylum process

more about all the mistreatment can be found in this newly published report (only Swedish)

The UN Complaint is also downloadable